NO accidents. Maintenance of Industrial Facilities and Buildings.

NO accidents 2019
Grand Hotel “Plovdiv”

The topic is very relevant and is of interest to representatives of different industries. The event aim is to promote a wide range of new solutions and good practices that ensure the reliable and safe operation of facilities, installations and buildings. In this way a greater profitability and production efficiency is achieved, harmful consequences on human life and environment are eliminated, unforeseen costs are avoided.

The "conference – exhibition area" format will create an excellent platform for:

  •     an exchange of professional experience
  •     the establishing of partnerships between representatives of the private sector, municipalities and industry associations.

The focus will be on the proper maintenance of equipment and buildings. Unfortunately, no industrial plant is insured against the occurrence of accidents. The rapid access and the analysis opportunities of a specific emergency situation, as well as the implementation of innovative technologies and expert interference, contribute to the successful handling of such an issue. Averting accidents is the most preferred strategy for risk management. A number of programs for projects financing are now available.

A participation with a presentation will help you share your experience with potential customers, investors and partners.

To whom the conference is addressed?

Managers, engineers, designers, investors in the sectors: architecture, construction, electrical engineering, heating industry, machine building, automotive, transport, metallurgy, water and sanitation, hydraulic engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, agriculture; woodworking, telecommunications, food processing, facility management, energy, gas and petroleum companies, plastics production, etc.


• Design and maintenance of industrial equipment • Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of gas installations and heat energy systems • Avoidance of reverse flow in water supply systems. Zero wastewater systems in the industry • Design, maintenance, reinforcement of buildings - new technologies and materials • Investigation, reconstruction and reinforcement of machinery/ constructions in aggressive surroundings / accidents • Infrared thermography - a diagnostic tool in various industrial applications • Research and implementation of new management, technological and technical solutions aimed at reducing the risk of accidents or limiting their consequences • Air pollution management and control systems. Gas purification and dust collection • Active and passive measures for fire safety, design, installation of relative systems • Digital solutions for avoidance of industrial accidents • Implementation of innovations in enterprises in order to prevent accidents – financing opportunities


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